About Us

The New Way to Live pure. healthy. relaxed.

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Company Overview

Pacos is the power behind most of the bathing system that need water pressure to soothe nerves for a relaxed day.

Pacos Pressure system is an assembly of world class components that works in unison to bring out optimum water pressure in lifestyle bathing fixtures at any given time. Backed by years of research and experience, it has been ensuring smooth and even flow of water in numerous Pan – India projects such as residential apartments, malls, hospitals, commercial buildings etc all across the country.

We are the ONE SOURCE for all water solutions: water treatment, water flow and pool luxury. This includes end-to end treatment solutions for your building. We provide solutions from source to use, extracting water from source, pre-filtration and softening treatment to transfer to all points of use. We are also the one source for the installation and maintenance of all equipment.

Pacos has Products and Systems with the broadest offering of water pumps, filters, and water softening systems and solutions to ensure that good quality water is moved with proportional water pressure at every outlet.

Objective of the company

Our objective is to continue providing quality product by using world class reliable components, adapted to customer's need and to provide the best service experience is the philosophy behind the brand and to prove a reliable and trustworthy partner for customer's experience.

We believe that people are the generator of the business value. Our administrative, sales quality, marketing and communications, design, production, logistics and after-sales service departments collaborate to ensure a quality service throughout the sales process. We place special emphasis on efficiency guaranteed by the team of qualified and experienced professionals.


  • Wellness and well being of every customer for refreshed , rejuvenated and relaxed experience by PACOS power.
  • To make every user delighted by providing healthy, hygienic powerful water bathing systems.
  • Add value to your bathing experience by giving you the most luxurious way of shower.
  • Uninterrupted on-sight customer care service to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of excellent performance.


Expansion of Network at Pan-India with Vision of Providing Complete Water solution.

Values & Ethics

Code of Ethics :

Since our inception we have always conducted business with a moral responsibility in tandem with a conscious driven approach. We are sincere to our values we nurture and accountable to all our concerned team in maintaining and increasing their way of living.

Some of the ethics that have been administered in our corporate DNA are:

  • Compliance
    We must abide by the laws, rules, regulations and Pacos policies that apply to our business practices

  • Relationship
    It is our responsibility to interact fairly and respectfully with each other, all the stake holders and the community at large in which we operate

  • Business Conduct
    We must conduct internal and external business, fairly and ethically

  • Enforcement
    We must conduct investigations in ethical, transparent and legal manner and promote consistent disciplinary action whenever required.